Monday, September 6, 2010

Make Something

Today I freecycled a carload of 2X4s so that I could get to work on the chicken coop I plan to put into use next spring. I'm embarrassed that after having serious plans to finish this project over the summerI would only really start construction today, the last day of summer, but alas...

About 1/3 our way through the coop venture, friends came by for dinner, and we shifted gears, and it was about time too. I come back to this idea of making something, because our conversation led back to this idea at the end of the evening, when we started to talk about rock walls - our friend started asking for advice. My husband and I put in a dry stone retaining wall - it took 3 years to complete -it probably didn't need to take so long, but we took our time. We pulled all of the material from our own property; we unearthed stone from the edge of the woods; we took lots of breaks. In the process we built a fire pit too.

We finally finished the wallthis summer - and I have to say that toward the tail end (the last year) Mark took on the lionshare of the work. He works in fine gardening, but doesn't usually work on the construction end, and started taking serious responsibility for the project. I also started to see that, maybe it was best for us if we didn't work right on top of each other. I try not to be a backseat driver. Mark watches me pretty closely, which usually causes me to screw up.  He like to make fiun of me for my inability to do math in my head, while I am working on a calculation. It's his way of knowing me well, I guess. He's right. I'm bad at math.

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  1. Just for the record, I am aware of the typos here, and am duly embarrased by them. I accidentally pressed the wrong part of my laptop mouse - and voila! my speling transgressions were immortalized. Thusfar, I am too much of a novice to know how to address this issue, and must move on to a couple of other things before school tomorrow. My apologies